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Website Launch
The Shoemaker's children finally have their shoes. After thirty years in business, Harmony Computer Services finally has its own Website for the purpose of advertising the many applications developed over its lifetime.
OpticXpress Launch
OpticXpress signs its first Client.
TricoLift Sales Management System Launch
TricoLift deploys their Software as a Service (SaaS) Sales Management System to their Field Sales
Representatives. The system allows the Reps to view generated sales leads and provide feedback
on rental activities.
J&L Poultry Order Entry System Launch
J&L Poultry, a regional distributor of juices and eggs, implements their new custom Order Entry System.
Brigantine Beach 4x4 Permit System Launch
Brigantine Beach, NJ implements their new 4x4 Beach Permit Management System.
Assumed Control of Norcom GUIScreenIO
Due to the unfortunate passing of Owner John Andersen, Harmony Computer Services with the help
of former partner Kevin Hansen was able to acquire a copy of the source code and development environment
for GUIScreenIO. We also assumed ownership of the domain names and website. We are not currently charging
for any maintenance or renewal fees for existing customers. We will sell to new customers at prices without the
maintenance fees. We will issue renewal keys to anyone who needs them.