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Maintenance and Support
Harmony Computer Services serves as a Network Administrator for most of its clients unable to maintain full-time IT staff.
Contract Programming
On-Site programming and support for clients large and small. This has been the primary source of revenue for Harmony Computer Services.
Data Conversion
Utilizing various tools and programming, we can convert anything to anything.
Custom Programming and Database
Custom Programming has produced all of the Products seen on this site. We are extremely interested in partnering with anyone who has a vertical market idea which needs to be implemented, possibly as a Software as a Service(SaaS) business model. While we may need to charge the Client for development costs, we will provide the incentive to get the Product out to other Clients having a need for the same or modified version of the same Product. A revenue sharing system will then be set up whereby the Client can earn recurring revenue for their idea and initial development costs.
Legacy System Re-Architecture and Migration
Have an old software system that runs on DOS, or uses a legacy development environment such as Paradox, DBase, Foxpro, Clipper and the like? We can extract your data and put a new face on that old software.

We have the tools to perform the migration of mainframe based CICS systems to the PC Windows platform. This is not a quick recompilation of your existing online programs running against a third-party transaction handler. We are able
to convert your BMS maps to Windows screens. They can then be completely re-designed to function in the
Windows environment. The resulting system can be accessed internally or externally via Thin Client\Server technology.
Reporting Systems
We have installed either Business Objects\Crystal Reports or R&R Report Writer\Reportworks at most of our Client
Sites to facilitate the creation of custom reports against their databases. We also provide support to Clients who
have third-party software installed and need help in developing reports against these systems.