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Airport Landing Fees
The system allows operators to capture aircraft activity (i.e. arrival, departure, parking) and generate monthly invoices for billable activities. Accounts Receivable, Payment Application, Reporting, and FAA inquiry functions are also included. This system will be distributed on a subscription basis which includes monthly updates to the Aircraft Registration information supplied by the FAA.
Subsidized Housing
In collaboration with 3G Software, bid and won the right to process Section 8 Housing checks for a northern New Jersey Housing Authority. Harmony Computer Services generated an application which maintains cases by case worker and generates monthly checks to landlords in the program as well as monthly verification reports to the Authority. Tax forms are generated at the end of the year and results are filed electronically to the Federal Government. This system is currently being run by 3G Software.
Developed a commercial product named TransitEase which serves the shipping departments of numerous customers. It allows the customer to generate bill-of-ladings and related stencils and/or labels for packages to be shipped. It also allows a multi-location customer to consolidate and offer alternate shipping methods such as LTL, Truckload, Next or second day air, ground and courier services to each of its shipping locations. Bill-of-lading information from each location can be transmitted to a common location for consolidation and tracking. Also developed a custom Carrier application for the handling of freight bills and storage trailer leasing. The system allows the customer to generate freight bills from bill-of-ladings provided by its shippers. It handles the setup and monthly billing for its storage trailer division as well as Accounts Receivable, Payment Application, and Reporting functions. Other functions such as trailer inventory, fuel sticker maintenance, and driver volume are included. Currently working on a complex dispatch system for a local trucking company.
Debt Collection
An application for a Collections Business tailored toward unpaid medical bills.Imported source data from different local hospitals and doctors. Generated dunning letters and accepted negotiated periodic payments. Various reports are implemented.
After working on bank reporting systems for different clients, Harmony Computer Services in collaboration with 3G Software developed a PC based system for storing and reporting on the FDIC supplied tapes containing the Commercial Bank Report of Condition and Report of Income Data. This system was generated before CDROM creation was mainstream, so distribution of the data was a problem. The system contained numerous custom financial formulas and ratios for the purpose of ranking banks. Since these were custom generated for previous clients, they were not included in our system. Our search for someone to generate our own custom formulas was crippled by the Savings and Loan scandals. Banks rated as solid by a financial magazine were subsequently taken over by the Federal Government, followed by a disclaimer by the magazine as to the source and timeliness of the information provided. No one would generate formulas for us under those circumstances. This system can be set up as an in-house storage and retrieval system for any institution having a need for it. A limiting factor is that the information supplied by the FDIC on magnetic tape which used to be free, is now available for a fee.
Donation System
An application for the storing of donations to a non-profit charitable organization. Mass mailings based on various selection criteria are implemented.
Developed a Single Premium Deferred Annuity and Small Group Health Insurance Premium Proposal models for an Independent Insurance Agency. Also developed a complex Insurance Continuation System for a Corporate Benefits Outsourcer which split and applied payments across an individualís cafeteria-style selection of benefits.
Optometric Electronic Claims
Currently providing billing and reconciliation for Doctors in thirteen states, OpticXpress is designed for the Optometric Industry. The initial release is designed to facilitate the capture of information needed for electronic claim submission. Subseqent releases have provided an EMR (Electronic Medical Records) sub-system and an Appointment Scheduler. It operates in a Software as a Service (SaaS) business model.
Periodic Maintenance
An application is currently being developed for a Water Care client to maintain records of customer installed equipment and corresponding periodic maintenance records. Reports to indicate which equipment needs service will be used to set up customer appointments. Work Orders showing task lists as well as Invoices for equipment and services will be generated. Accounts Receivable, Payment Application, and Reporting functions will also be included.
Developed an entire suite of applications for the automation of a specialty food processing plant. These applications started with Payroll and Order Entry, then continued with Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Inventory, and Product Costing. A complex Inventory verification system was developed to track inventory by exploding products manufactured into raw material component usage and matching actual inventory counts to calculated inventory counts. Product Cost models were set up to store raw material components and use purchased raw material prices to calculate product cost. Most of this system was later modified and used at a similar plant. Also developed a complex Order System for a custom sign manufacturer. The system allows the Customer to generate a Confirmation Order and update it through Work Order and finally Invoice status. Automatic pricing is a complicated process based on sign size, number of sides, foreground and background colors, and quantity. Accounts Receivable, Payment Application, and Reporting functions are also included.
Job Tracking
An application developed for a Ceiling Tile installation Contractor for the organization and tracking of different aspects of his Jobs. This includes Contractor, Vendor, Material and Employee maintenance as well as the tracking of material and equipment deployed to the job. Change Orders and their effect on the job are also maintained.
Cash drawer application for a Pizza franchise owner which monitored daily cash register deposits and withdrawals. Detected employee theft within the first week of operation. Zip Code Lookup System based on the Carrier Route Data supplied by the United States Postal Service. Survey Data Collection system for generating lists of questions and collecting and compiling the answers to those questions.

Originally developed as part of the manufacturing system for a specialty food processing plant, the system was modified for internal use for Harmony Computer Services and also used to process weekly payroll for a local Pizza franchise owner.
Sales Management
Developed for TricoLift, an aerial lift rental and sales company, SMS runs on an internal workstation accessing data stored on a server utilizing SQL Server. Jobsite and Contractor leads are pushed out to their field sales representatives and information as to sales activity is updated by the reps.
Electronic Medical Records \ Electronic Health Records
Developed an Electronic Medical records add-on to an existing Medical Practice Management Software package
as well as implemented the same in the OpticXpress optometric billing service.
4x4 Beach Permit Management
Developed a 4x4 Beach Permit Management System for the City of Brigantine Beach, NJ to handle sales and subsequent tracking of permits issued to allow 4x4 vehicles to drive on the beaches. System uses 2d scanner technology to extract information from drivers licenses and vehicle registrations for populating information on the permit application for a barcoded decal to be placed on the registered vehicle. Panasonic ToughPads are used in the field with 1d scanner technology to verify vehicle decals as well as track entries at beach access points.